Tips for getting your koi pond or water garden ready for winter:

Fall is a great time to clean your pond

Clean your pond in fall for a safer winter and better spring start, BEFORE the water gets too cold to work in.

Fall is the safest time to catch and move your koi, their immune system is at their peak, as opposed to spring when they are at their weakest.

  • Remove the tops from all your potted plants so they are not left to rot over the winter.
  • Net your pond to keep leaves and herons out.  If you do not net your pond, at least provide a few hiding places for your fish if you’re your pond is visited by herons.  A 5 gallon plastic bucket with the bottom cut out, or a large piece of terracotta pipe works well.  Just provide something to replace the security the fish had from the plant cover on the pond which you have just removed.
  • Separate and re pot over grown pots for best growth next spring.
  • While your fish are caught up, put the extras up for adoption, and treat any wounds found.
  • Thin out other species that may have overpopulated such as your snails, frogs and crayfish
  • Wash liner and rocks then sprinkle with Green Clean while still wet to kill off all residual algae cells before refilling pond.
  • Clean out your filter with just cold water from a hose.  Use a brush as needed. But, never use detergents on your bio filter as it will kill the good bacteria.
  • If your pond has accumulated more than 1/2″ of dark organic ‘pudding’ on the bottom and you are not able to completely drain your pond to clean this out, or if your pond is gravel lined, use Microbelift Sludgeaway to safely digest this ‘pudding’.  The Sludgeaway is an easy to use 5 week bacterial treament that needs to be used before your pond water is staying below 50 degrees.

Follow these tips and your fish will have a safer Winter, a healthier Spring, and your pond will avoid that early spring ugly duckling phase when all the plant tops have turned brown but  the water is too cold to work in.