Should I run my Vertex Aeration System all winter?

Sturdy Vertex Aeration Systems can stay in place all winter whether you run them or not.


  • If you live down South where the water temperatures seldom drop below 50 degrees, run your Vertex Aeration System 24/7/365.  In these areas the ponds remain biologically and bacterially active all year.  Therefore, run the aeration system all year to maximize its biological cleansing effect.
  • If you live up North where the ponds freeze over for more than three or four weeks at a time, run your Vertex Aeration System to prevent Winter Fish Kills, and if strategically located, to prevent ice damage to your dock.
  • If in live in between, like me here in the Mid Atlantic, turning your aeration system off is an option.  In this area winter water temperatures always drop below 50 degrees and so beneficial bacteria activity becomes very slow.  Providing bottom oxygen at this time of year really does not help clean the pond.   If pond cleaning is your primary concern, then just unplug your system for winter and plug it back in come Spring.  It is not necessary to remove the aeration system form the water or ‘take in’ the compressor.  Just unplug it.

o   When to ‘unplug’:  As a rule of thumb, I turn my off around Thanksgiving

o   When to ‘re plug’:  The coming of Spring can vary greatly around here.  As a rule of thumb, I restart my aerator when the grass begins to green up, usually in mid April.


  1. Bob Sonken says:

    I am responsible for a 3 acre pond in our neighborhood in Darnestown, MD. We need a little dredging done where one of the intake streams dumps alot of silt into the pond. Does anyone know of a company or individual that could be hired to scoop out the silt and spread along the shoreline?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks- Bob S. 301-518-0387