Ice fishing in Maryland? Does that work?

Out riding my horse Colbert  in the woods today I came upon the oddest sight.  There, out on the ice of a  the little half acre pond sat a man on a little stool….. fishing.  I did a double take.  I’ve seen pictures of folks ice fishing up north, for pike and muskies.  But I’ve never seen anyone ice fish around here in Maryland.  I don’t even try to ‘wet’ water fishing around here to Aprilish as the only thing I know that feeds this early are the rock fish in Liberty.  My experience has been that the bass and sunnies are not going to be biting until the water gets up in the 50 more or less.  I ask him if he had caught any and he said he had gotten a few little ones.  He was too far away to talk to him much, and his dog was barking at my horse, so I did not get to ask what kind of fish he got.

Years ago that shallow pond had sunnies and a few juvenile bass.  We use to take our daughter there to fish back when she was 5 and loved to fish.  She caught a couple of little bass on spinner baits when she was just learning to cast.  Lucky girl.  She is 17 now and fishing is not cool. In dry years, it gets so shallow that the herons fish it out pretty well.  It had gotten quite shallow last summer in the drought, so I’m surprised there are any fish there at all this winter.

So, I’m pondering on this.  Does anybody you know ice fish in Maryland and if so where do they go, what bait do they use and what do they catch?  I’d like to give it a try next year if I could do so safely.