Don’t risk losing your fish to winter fish kills AGAIN this winter.

Preventing Winter Pond Fish Kills

  • Northern ponds need protection from winter fish kills

There is nothing more unpleasant to a fish owner than the death toll over the winter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately for fish owners like myself, there is an effective and environmental beneficial solution.

Causes of fish kills: Low oxygen conditions. When ponds begin to ice over the winter, diffusion of air from the surface drops dramatically, and plant life below the water all but ceases oxygen production. The result? Not enough oxygen to go around for both the fish and bacteria that occupy your pond, and needless deaths of both.

The solution to fish kills: A Vertex Aeration System. Install one of these wonders in at least four feet of water to create an open area that will not freeze over during the winter. Because it will be able to “breathe” even in the coldest of winter weather, oxygen will be able to freely diffuse into the water, providing plenty of respiration for all the occupants of your pond.  In non-aerated ponds, a sort of reverse stratification goes on in that water. That simply means that the warmer water is at the bottom and the colder water is at the top, the reverse of the normal sequence of temperature. What an aeration system does is introduce that slightly warmer water up to the top where it can melt through the ice and create gas exchange to increase winter oxygen levels.

But wait! There’s more! A Vertex Aeration System can also:

  • Be used in the summer and spring to keep clean your pond without the usage of chemicals
  • Attract wildlife to your pond in the winter with the lure of unfrozen drinking water
  • Protect your dock from winter ice damage when placed correctly